The girl right here is on the verge of going nuts.

Still no job and no fucking money. My car is barely holding up together.

My bf’s getting on my nerve, BIG TIME. I miss being myself. Doing what I love. Not having to ask before doing something. Spending quiet time alone with myself. I feel like I’m having a dad patronizing me. I seriously don’t know what to do with this. I think it’s actually the first time in my life I feel so screwed about a guy. One minute I love him, the other one I hate him and I wish he’d just leave. Fuuuuuuck !!

I’ve been wishing for 3 years that it would finally be ok with my son. It now is, guess what ? At 24, my youth finally get back at me ! I don’t know what got through my head having a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son more than anything else in the world but damn, it’s SO hard. It’s like every fucking free time in my life is dedicated to him. I don’t go out anymore… Never. I don’t see my friends either. I don’t get to travel all around the world like I always wanted to do, I’m stuck in this fucking town.

I haven’t talk to anyone in my family for more than a year now. No news whatsoever of my lil sis, I don’t think she ever gonna speak to me again.

I don’t think there is one thing in my life right now, that goes as planned, or the way I want it to. Not a thing that I’m pleased doing.


Bref, my life suck and I’m stuck in it !


New Home

I officialy switched clubs, well my new club likes me so I get paid to be there 5 days per week which is totally awesome!!!

I got into a fight with the new manager at my old club and got relegated to day shifts only and afterwards the owner YES! The OWNER asked me if I would ever cheat on my man and said he’d like to know me better… Well fuck you asshole I will never touch you with a ten-foot pole!!!! 

On a really great note I am awaiting my acceptance letter for university!!! I applied to go into management! I can’t wait!!! Even though I applied too late for the winter session I’ll get an answer for next september unless my grades were good enough (and I think they were) and that there are enough space left in the winter program that I could get in earlier!!! I will keep you posted!

See you soon babes                                                                                                                Miss Grey


Our world is full of frennemies… This is a short piece for all of you bitches that believe that I trust any of you and worse that I do think that you could be my friends…

I’m not made out of the same plastic you are made of, I am not meant to fit the mold, I don’t care if you don’t like my hair, the fact that I’m extremely blunt or that I am often laughing too loud or that I barely wear make-up on the floor. It’s called confidence and owning up to who you really are.

Love me, hate me but keep talking about me behind my back to my customers, it only makes you look like vindicative bitches my lovelies.
On that cheerful note I bid you goodbye

See you soon babes
Miss Grey


Just saw the first teaser of the girl-girl scene I did with my friend Xtina Sweet. I’m so excited !

Miss Grey, I’m thinking about you a lot, I hope you’re doing fine with everything you’re going through. Love you babe ❤


Hey there babes! I am a mean friend sometimes, I just showed the ropes of being a good stripper to my friend Alyson and I even introduced her to the people at the club…

But now she makes more than I do because she is so skinny and exotic and I hate it!!! She wants to follow me if I go out of town but I wouldn’t be able to bear it…

I know she doesn’t mean it but I hate that my customers take her for dances and it cuts into my money…

So I needed to vent out here because I would have eventually freaked out on her…

On a happier note I just bought a new outfit and a girl tool a picture of my ass while I was bending over and it looks great!!! I am proud of my hourglass figure but I do hate really skinny girls!

Gotta get back to work!

See you soon babes!
Miss Grey


Duck face

This is where duck face are coming from 😉


Over worked

I am so overworked i work at two clubs full time and i do double shifts everyday… I will try an be more present as soon as july ends!!!

Miss you all babes!!
Miss Grey

Being single (it’s a fact #2 answer)

Well being a stripper has often ruined my relationships, because of my refusal to quit ( because there is no way I will be financially dependant of someone else).

But, because yes there is a but, I’ve had relationships that didn’t work out, not because I was a stripper but because of other stuff…

I have a policy of full disclosure with the guys I date, after the first time we fuck (yes I just said that) I tell them I dance, that I will not do extras or take-out with customers and ask them if they think they can handle that or not. Most of them will say yes but few of them can really endure it…

If a guy really loves you he won’t ask you to change for him, he’ll wait until you decide you want to quit and he won’t give you any ultimatum about it.

You can’t accept me? Well you can go fuck yourself for all I care! I believe I made my point didn’t I hahaha.

See you soon babes
Miss Grey

The knight in shining armor

I went to a club 16 hours away from home for a week with 3 girls I didn’t beforehand ( but I’ll save that story for another post).

During the week we all got subjected to the knight in armor phenomenon, the knight is that random guy who knows you want to stop being a stripper and ride off in the sunset with him and become his little housewife and stay-at-home princess…

Maybe some girls wanna be saved but not me! I looooove being an independant princess and I wouldn’t trade my double-life for the world even if it makes dating hard and sometimes I almost get caught in my web of lies hahaha.

The worst with those guys is that they often become friggin’ stalkers (trust me I know they do) and the only thing they will get from most girls is a restraining order.

So baby instead of trying to get me to stay home, do nothing all day except waiting for you to come back, just empty your wallet in mine and we’ll be the best of friends…

See you soon babes
Miss Grey


It’s a fact, #2

It’s a fact that being in the sex industry ruined, ruin ou will ruin every love relationship you could have. Don’t you agree Miss Grey ?